Rebirth Of The Spirit

Due to many requests from the internet fanbase, Legionarii puts forth a single release named “Rebirth”. Because of the size of the release, to avoid complications with labels and printing that would only needlessly delay the release, and also to make these tracks more accessible to fans that don’t like to make things complicated for themselves with shipping processes, it is decided that this single be put out only in digital form.

This single is dedicated primarily to the people of Europe, and to all the people whose ancestry is here, on the mothercontinent. This is a wake up call for you to finally make your stand against the mindless destruction of this world we live in, degeneration and slow but secure extinction of art, beauty and all the virtues by which our ancestors once lived, and by which magnificent cultures were brought to glory.
Every value around us is dying, most of them are already dead while we passively walk by their charred corpses.
Every beauty and art has been turned to ugliness and abomination, while we accept to watch them in their lowest form of existence.
This is a wake up call for all of you, look around you and see the destruction of once immortal beauty. This is the call for you to rise and stop the madness around you. Let us all unite and make possible for us to one day stand tall and say:


1. Rebirth
2. Europa Nazione (Anthem Version)

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