Official Legionarii Headquarters e-mail:

Official Legionarii pages through which contact can, if it must, be achieved are: (members profile) (project page)

NOTICE: Neither Legionarii as an entity nor its creator have any virtual profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Therefore, if you see any profiles on those networks that have something to do with Legionarii, know that they are not affiliated by Legionarii and creator of this project has nothing to do with them.

Anyone who is speaking in Legionarii name and presenting himself as a part or ‘member’ of Legionarii and is not doing it through Official Legionarii pages such as these, is faking his identity and has nothing to do with Legionarii. Sharing the news related to the project and supporting it is one thing (and it’s highly appreciated), but posing as a false member of the project is and always will be, highly condemned.

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