ironlegion copy

2 thoughts on “IRON LEGION

  1. The strugle is not in arms but in hearts.When human kind will be faced with it’s greatest fear:EXTINCTION….only then we will see fear and action from the majority wich are under the standard of courage….but for us….those few that do not want to wait till then….now is the time for action….thus action….each one of us builds the new wall…a human living wall a wall of spears of wisdom…a wall of courage and invincibility…a wall reaching for the sky….ever spreading a wall of pure dignity and saceifice…..the wall for our new temple…..the temple of martyrs…the tempe of those that died….but not in vain.regards from Potaissa(former camp of LVM-this were the real gods)

  2. I just received the copy of CD. Amazingly dark music. The dark side of “martial industrial”, I’d say. But “Age of Taurus” still remains my favourite album.

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