Legionarii is a project started in 2011. It can be described as “totalitarian military industrial”, although incorporating many dark ambient and ethereal elements. The word “totalitarian” used here is meant to describe the entire atmosphere of Legionarii music in a sense of evoking an emotion of living under such a system, and NOT for transmitting any political messages or promoting any particular political context. In fact, Legionarii is not interested in modern politics at all. It is an artistic project, not a political propaganda, involving certain philosophical themes and views, and those with little minds that cannot comprehend this should move along their way and some other amusement for themselves.

The themes that give life to this work are leadership, rule, system of control, government, war, esoteric and martial spirit, Light, Darkness, and so forth. Legionarii tries to bring the atmosphere of wars passed but not forgotten, times of glorious victories and titan battles. Legionarii’s goal is to motivate and give inner strength by awakening the true heroic spirit inside the person. Esoteric and mystic themes make a good deal of background of this work, and educated eyes can see that very well.


Seeing that many people, who I suppose look only to the surface of certain things, cannot stop comparing this project to German martial project Triarii, I must point out that this comparison is both useless and completely unnecessary. Legionarii was NOT inspired by this project, nor did it ever wanted to sound like it, or as you people say “it will never be another Triarii”. I still can’t comprehend why would anyone even think about Legionarii wanting to sound like Triarii being the case, because so far it is obvious that the two projects go on two very different paths. I also can’t understand what makes you want to assign certain goals to this project, which you take from you imagination. Isn’t that outright arrogance and nerve?

Statements like these can only be inspired by the weak spirit, lack of skill in musical differentiation, lack of listening experience, and superficiality of a black & white way of thinking. Legionarii shouldn’t, couldn’t and will never be anything else but Legionarii. It’s not created to sound like, compete, be worse or better than any other artistic act on the field, be it Lady Gaga, Motorhead, Laibach or Triarii. Although no one can deny that some similarities exists (like in the semantics of a name, for example, which I think is the main ‘guilt-factor’ for most of the people), and speaking in musical terms, that’s a fact for the whole field of martial industrial (and for many other fields, for that matter). For the veteran in militant music, and for a person with some common sense about music, the fact that Legionarii has almost nothing to do with the aforementioned project is clear from the moment he hears the music. From my own point of view, these two projects can even be divided as belonging to two very different subgenres of martial music – while Triarii is oriented mostly towards overall orchestrality, symphonicity and emotionality, compositions are structured in more mainstream fashion,  Legionarii is more atmospheric, oppressive, it seeks the dimensions of darkness, coldness and often mystery. Musically, it does that through repetitive and hypnotic drums, oftentimes heavy drones, and grand, dark choirs make a lot and are important part of this musical work. Thematically, there are again numerous big differences, the biggest of them is more obvious esoteric and mystical background in the work of Legionarii. Overall, it could be said that Legionarii is more darker, colder and atmospheric than the compared musical act, and it is exactly this sense of dark and heavy, not emotional, atmosphere which Legionarii’s work tries to capture above all. But these are all again just useless comparisons which nobody with his right brain working fine should be obsessed with. As said before, they are useless and needless, needed only for the people who have nothing better to do and don’t appreciate the hard work of artists that want to express themselves. And I shouldn’t be writing this if the world is that nice, but we all know it’s not. I must say that the need to write this really bothered me, because for me it is a psychological step back, but it seems that a thing like this is need for certain people since they function on superficial level, think in black & white, so everything needs to be spelled out for them.

Thus, here is, for you, a sum up:
Legionarii is NOT anything else but Legionarii.
Legionarii will NEVER BE anything else.
Legionarii DOES NOT TRY to be like anything else.
Legionarii DOES NOT WANT to be like anything else.
And at last, Legionarii DOES NOT CARE about anything else but Legionarii.

If you still can’t comprehend what I wrote here, and you still continue to think that this project has certain goals which you assigned to it by yourselves, and continue to make useless comparisons like this one, then you’re simply lost and out of the reach for being helped. At last, you are your own judge and jury when it comes to your own preferences. Don’t act upon prejudices and stereotypes.

As for the other people who read this, and who appreciate the work as it is, holding Legionarii in high respect, I apologize for the waste of your time and intellectual energy by reading this nonsense. Your support is Light that guides our way. Salutes!

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